Gin and Tonic – The essential mixed drink!


My dear friend bought me a goose. A very large goose. A grey one. I had to kill it tonight and use it’s juice. LOL

Last night after work, this wind down cocktail was a little wonder.

The recipe

Pick a your favorite tumbler with ice and we mean pack it full.

Add lime slices, we like to add them in the middle of the ice.

Fill to half way with your favorite gin, this is Grey Goose, but we also like a little multi faceted gin called The Botanist.

Now this is important! The tonic.

Top off the glass with a fresh glass bottle of a good quality tonic, like Schweppes or Canada Dry with quinine, unless you can’t take quinine. Stir a little, pierce the lime slices a little, for an instant lime surge.

Sit down in a patch of sunshine, take a deep breath and sip away.

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