Types of Grooms. And how to deal with them

Over and over again, I hear how the wedding day is all about the bride. But that’s not true! It takes two to tango, baby! And no offense, but the groom is the one that got the ball rolling for the special day by putting a sparkly rock on that finger. I completely understand that some grooms have no interest in wedding planning, but this is their day too and I think more of an effort should be made to include them! The first thing you need to do, is identify what type of groom you’re working with. Obviously, most guys are not going to know the difference between a Calla Lily and Gloriosa Lily, but each groom is going to have his strengths, you just have to play to them. I’ve made a list of some different types of grooms and how to include them with the planning!

The Foodie Groom: This is the type of guy that loves trying out new foods and restaurants. He’s adventurous with cooking and loves to try new things. Odds are, his palate is on point and he could come up with an amazing menu for the wedding! Give him the reins with the caterer and watch the sparks fly. He’ll probably give you something other than the basic “Chicken or Beef” option.

“I Have The Best Taste in Music” Groom: Okay, so he thinks his vinyl collection could outshine anyone’s on the planet. You know what, odds are he does have some great, unique selections to add to the wedding day. Let him take over hiring the DJ or band!

The Handyman Groom: Is your fella especially crafty? Put him to work building unusual centerpieces or an arbor for the ceremony site! This will keep him busy, allow him to feel included and add a personal touch to your wedding.

The Numbers Groom: This groom is the type that will keep your budget in check (which is actually a super important part to planning a wedding!). Talk to him about what you want for the wedding and tell him to put together a rough budget for you to stick with! It will make wedding planning way less stressful!

These are just a few types of grooms that are out there, but it’s important to recognize what your groom’s strengths are, then play to them! This should be a joint effort and a way for you to have fun together! How are you including your groom with the planning? I’d love to know!

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