“Fear of the Fair” has been sold to a private collection.

Portia builds paintings in Salem, Virginia, with her extremely supportive family, Tony, Roxy, Tony and the girls (cool cats) Portia, Beatrice and Emma.

Her work is usually in the Abstract Expressionism genre, although some of her paintings include nudes or flowers or other such subject matter.  She will experiment in different areas from time to time, but usually returns to the expressionist area.

She work almost entirely in acrylics of all qualities, from the house paint store, the craft shop and the fine art supplier.

Experimenting as much with the medium as with the subject (or more accurately, no subject at all), loving paint and texture and color, the directions a work can take are many and varied, but all ways free.

Portia has been involved in the Arts world, in some capacity, for many decades, beginning with studying fabric printing, it’s history, creation and application, to chairing a regional Arts Association in the United Kingdom.

Portia rarely does shows or competitions, but has exhibited in the UK and around Virginia over the past 30 years. A post graduate in the areas Art History, Design, Human Engineering and Business Management.  Universities include Cambridge, Milton Keynes, UMIST, Lancaster and Huddersfield. Portia also has a Royal Chartership in Purchasing and Supply Management.

Portia believes that Art should be accessible to all, whether or not we know we are looking at, hearing or feeling art. It touches us all every day. Art changes us, sometimes making us feel good, sometimes not.

Exhibiting Galleries

The Little Galley on Smith Mountain Lake, Blackdog Architectural Salvage and The Bird Cage

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“Cold Shoulder” has been sold to a private collection.