To Wait or Not to Wait.


Being in the business of getting people married, I am constantly pelted with questions about my unmarried status. I normally go on autopilot and respond with the usual , "I'm concentrating on my career right now" or "I'm destined to make sure everyone else gets married first", but I've decided to do a little research and come up with some cold, hard facts for my ring-less finger argument.

A quick google search yielded some interesting results. Apparently, there is an age range that significantly lessons your risk of divorce later on. Anytime before or after this age range increases the risk of divorce. So what is this golden time? Research says 28-32 years old (Whew!! I'm in the clear!).

For those of you in your mid-twenties, don't worry! You've still got time to do some soul searching and really figure out what makes you tick. Be selfish, learn what makes you happy and figure out how a life partner could add to your life.

If you've passed into your early-mid 30's, don't think you have a "Sell-By" date and that you're doomed to a spinster existence. Just stay patient and keep looking for ideal partner. You obviously know what you want, you just have to hold out to find it! (Plus the risk only goes up 5% each year, no big deal).

Finding out I have not quite hit my "golden age" for marriage definitely put my anxieties to rest (for now, that golden age is right around the corner...). For now, I will be able to dodge these questions and defend my unmarried status like a pro!

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I got my facts from these two sites, check them out for more information!