Shop Salem First

You know it makes sense to support your local stores and businesses.  Without our support our small town will go the way of many other towns we drive through on our way to somewhere else.

Keeping as much as we can in our localities we save on every corner. We walk, great exercise, support our farmers market, we eat fresh and reduce our carbon footprint.  We save gas, and we all know how important that is.

We get to know our Shopkeepers.  Personal service is something you do not get in big box stores.

Community – Let’s rebuild it.

Say it loud and proud Shop Salem First

Main Street Salem strives to unify, strengthen and promote the commercial businesses of Salem, Va. and provide a valuable resource for its businesses, residents and folks that might want to come to Salem to live, work or build their business here.

Preservation and strengthening of the heritage and character of our small town is of vital importance to us.  Main Street Salem’s objective is create a strong web presence that becomes the “go to” place for all things Salem, Va.  Interconnecting the downtown and the edges of our town with its cultural and recreational activities. Promotion and Communication are of the utmost importance to us. But, we cannot do this without you, so if you have anything to share, please let us know.